If you are moving to Rotterdam as an international student, it is very well possible to join Skadi. Skadi is a student rowing association that exists because of the input of all the members. If you are a freshman at our association, you will be coached by some of the older members. That means that once you are a second year member yourselves, you will be coaching new members as well. The main language used at Skadi is Dutch, although almost everyone speaks English as well. There is a huge difference between a ‘normal’ rowing club – such as rowing club Nautilus Rotterdam – and student rowing association Skadi.

Besides rowing, Skadi is an addition to your student life in Rotterdam. Skadi has a lot of old traditions and so called unwritten rules. That is why, before becoming a member of Skadi, you will be going on a camp for a few days, together with all the other freshmen. This is an active and challenging camp called ‘KISS’, here you will be learning all about the Skadi traditions.

After KISS, the ‘afroeiperiode’ will start. The ‘afroeiperiode’ consists of the first 8 weeks of your membership, during which you will learn the first bits of rowing. As said, the main language used at Skadi is Dutch. That is why we are very happy to welcome international students who are interested in learning the Dutch language. If you would like to learn more about Skadi, visit our Facebook page! Everything is posted both in Dutch and in English, so you will be able to read all about the experiences of Skadi members. If you would like to visit us, come by during the Eurekaweek, from August 20th until August 23th. See the Eurekaweek programme for information on when and where to visit us!

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us through e-mail: nlc@skadi.nl.